VPI Industries Vanquish Turntable Premiere

VPI Industries has big things in mind for this year’s Munich High-End Show! The Vanquish turntable and stand were originally announced at Capital Audiofest 2019, but due to the pandemic, VPI will finally officially unveil this colossal titan at the Munich High-End Show 2022. 

Turntable Features

  • ​The chassis is a tripod shape and can mount up to 3 tonearms with aluminum, acrylic, aluminum sandwich resonance cancelling design.​
  • Every part mounted with machined screws into blind tapped holes for a clean and sleek look/design.
  • Removable machined aluminum arm-board.
  •  Beautiful limited-edition ruby anodized components.
  • Start, 33, 45 buttons.
  • Creating not only a solid improvement in musical performance but a visual statement stunning record playing system
  • Removable platter for easier shipping (still heavy!)
  • Newest version of 14″ gimbal 3D Fat-Boy arm with resonance canceling design. The robust gimbal bearing used ABEC 9 bearings made in Japan for ultra-low friction.
  • Tonearm has an adjustable counterweight on a threaded shaft or fast perfectly accurate VTF setting.
  • Fat-Boy VTA design with a finer adjustment more robust machined aluminum and steel knob.
  • Robust and VPI Vanquish stand that can fit multiple components