Wilson Audio future

“It is fitting and perhaps even poetic that after leading the effort for dozens of industry-changing designs, Dave has come full circle back to his original concept—the WAMM. As most of you know, Dave’s primary focus for the past several years has been the new WAMM Master Chronosonic, a flagship loudspeaker worthy of the original’s legacy. The intensity of thought and dedication of the project has also reminded him that it is this aspect of the business he loves most. He realized that in order to dedicate his time and attention to the WAMM and other similar projects, it would be prudent and desirable for him to step aside as President of Wilson Audio and turn over the reins of the operation to a worthy successor.

“Thus, Wilson Audio announces that David A. Wilson will step aside as Wilson Audio’s President effective immediately. He will continue to function as the “WAMM ambassador,” and remain an active member of the Design and Engineering team. As Dave himself once said: “Loudspeaker design is in my blood; I couldn’t give it up even if I wanted to…” Sheryl Lee will also step down as Wilson Audio’s Vice President. However, both Dave and Sheryl Lee will continue to be involved in various aspects of the business, Dave as Wilson’s Executive Board Chair, Sheryl Lee as its Vice Chair.

“Learn more about the details of latest evolution in Dave and Sheryl Lee’s long-term plan to ensure the values of Authentic Excellence continue on uninterrupted far into Wilson’s future.”