To celebrate two years of remarkable success with Sabrina, for a limited time Wilson is adding two custom colors for Sabrina, Estoril Blue, and Classic Orange. These Custom Sabrina colors will be available only from October 1st to December 31st, and can be purchased at the standard color price.
Wilson is currently taking orders for shipment in the fourth quarter 2017, but the offer will end December 31, 2017.

Color has long been a part of Wilson Audio’s design culture. WilsonGloss, Wilson Audio’s proprietary paint system, is the envy of the audio world and, in quality and finish, exceeds even the finest paint systems offered by high-end automotive companies.

When considering manufacturing parameters for the Sabrina, a key objective was to maintain economies of scale. Wilson wanted to increase Sabrina’s accessibility by keeping the price as low as possible, while maintaining a critical level of quality and finish that was completely inline with her bigger, more expensive siblings. Part of this was to offer the Sabrina in limited colors, three standard colors and two upgrade colors.
Since that time, Sabrina has won the hearts of thousands of music lovers and audiophiles with her unique blend of musical accessibility and resolution, authority and delicacy, and spacial detail and scale that far exceeds her diminutive dimensions.