YAYUMA audio processor NEW

“After many years of studies and construction of mathematical models describing physical and acoustics phenomena in audio sound reproduction systems it was discovered that this may finally be possible to ensure completely new level of quality and fidelity of sound reproduction, which previously had never been possible to achieve.

At YAYUMA we are currently organizing mass production of unique audio equipment. It is an ASP processor, which is an analogue sound processor, that is a device which, through analogue processing, may bring nuances and sounds out of musical recordings which until now has never been possible for any other audio equipment on earth yet.”

“The patent issued in Swiss proves how exceptional our innovative solution is.”

The main properties of awareness line of YAYUMA audio processor:
PONA sound technology inside
Full balanced construction.
Processing of audio track is made by analog section only.
Analog path is controlled by 11 SPI-networked microprocessors.
All components are carefully selected.