Steve Foreman, the founder of LK Capital, stated: “Over the past 15 years, Yoav Geva (the YG in YG Acoustics) has been recognized by the audio industry and the professional press as one of the world’s foremost ultra-high-end speaker designers, and we are incredibly fortunate to be able to partner with Yoav. Yoav remains a core owner and partner in the company, and will now be able to fully focus on his life’s work and passion—pushing the edge of the art in design, research, and development of ultra-high-end loudspeakers.”

Yoav Geva remarked: “The partnership process was incredibly transparent and a testament to our future working relationship. To be able to partner with Steve Foreman and David Komatz as our highly experienced professional CEO, we will be able to continue YG Acoustics’ growth. I’m excited to focus on our ongoing research and development of new technologies; I’ll finally get to spend more time inventing, and less time running the business.”

David Komatz offered: “This is a sophisticated industry with discerning and thoughtful customers. We look forward to continuing to provide the utmost in performance, the finest buying experience and the most responsive customer service in the industry.”
YG Acoustics is unique in utilizing highly advanced proprietary software, developed in-house, for designing its speakers. It is also one of the very few manufacturers to produce in-house its own drivers, cabinets and most other high-precision parts. The depth and breadth of YG Acoustics’ capabilities allow them to present the discerning listener with speakers that are far more accurate than otherwise achievable. YG Acoustics is a perennial award-winner recognized for creating industry-leading speakers that preserve the delicate emotions of a live musical performance.
LK Capital is an investment office focused on private equity in Colorado. The acquisition of YG Acoustics in partnership with Yoav Geva provides LK Capital with the opportunity to take an industry-leading, prosperous business and expand it even further. “This has been a great year for LK Capital. We continue to be committed to our thesis of participating and contributing to the growth of Colorado’s economy” said Steve Foreman, founder of LK Capital.