ZELLATON ULTRA Diaphragm – Speaker Line

After many years of research and development work, Zellaton has combined decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology in their new ZELLATON ULTRA diaphragm.

The result is an ULTRA high-tech membrane that combines all the positive properties of different materials.

A completely new concept was necessary to achieve this goal while retaining all the advantages of the previous ZELLATON diaphragm.

The surface structure of the ZELLATON ULTRA diaphragm reflects the principle of bionics, i.e. the use of surface structures from nature to achieve optimum solutions.

This overcomes a fundamental problem with the sound propagation of a conventional cone membrane: An impulse causes the sound to propagate both in the axial direction and on the diaphragm surface. The latter is desirable with bending wave transducers, but not with cone diaphragms.

The novel, the unique surface structure of the ZELLATON ULTRA diaphragm effectively prevents sound propagation at the diaphragm surface and at the same time significantly increases the stiffness of the diaphragm.

Another significant difference to most cone-based drivers on the market on the market is that the special embossing allows the sound to radiate directly in an axial direction, resulting in an incredibly natural sound image.

Of course, the proven 3-layer sandwich construction has been retained to preserve the well-known advantages of sandwich construction. A modern, shock-absorbing high-tech foam with maximum breaking strength is used, with specially coated handmade paper on the back.

The result is an extremely rigid and low partial vibration diaphragm with maximum internal damping. The partial vibrations still present in each midrange cone after assembly are specifically damped in a complex manual process.

The new ZELLATON ULTRA cone guarantees a musical experience at the highest level and will fascinate every music lover.

The market launch date is December 8, 2023 worldwide!