ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X

Everything about the Esoteric M1X is done on an extraordinary scale. The M1X’s incredible power is supported by Esoteric’s largest-ever power supply, which occupies the space of approximately 60% of the unit’s internal components. The 3,000VA/19kg main power transformer has been further refined in terms of rectification capability by implementing heavier winding gauges. In addition, high-capacity Esoteric custom capacitors with a total capacity of 60,000μF have been adopted to refine the amplifier’s signature high-quality tone.

The all-new drive stage has been expanded in size by 150%, from 6 to 12 parallels, while boasting astonishing power linearity from 300W/8Ω to 2,400W/1Ω*. It delivers sufficient current in perfect correspondence with the change of load level, effectively meaning you won’t need to concern yourself over what speakers you can use. Now, you can enjoy the true sound of the original master, even on music with a wide dynamic range. *Only for music signals.