Alesca Atelier Experience

For two days, I had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing firsthand TIDAL For Bugatti, currently the only pair in Europe on display in Alesca Audio’s fantastic, luxurious high-end audio showroom in Zurich, Switzerland. From my first steps into the Alesca Atelier, meeting Calo, and playing my selection of the music, it was clear that TIDAL For Bugatti could not […]

TIDAL For Bugatti Royale Experience

Unlike many similar sports car luxe high-end audio projects, TIDAL For Bugatti Royale’s beginnings have deeper roots with a different kind of ethos, going way back to 2012 when Janczak had his first rendezvous with the Bugatti Veyron hypercar. At that point, a conceptual idea and hand drawing were born, but it took time to materialize. The project was already […]

SUPERSENSE Mastercut Video

SUPERSENSE writes: “Let us start with the official release of a tiny video which finally reveals all the revolutionary little secrets and details of these very unique music records, developed and produced here at our MASTERCUT studio/manufactory. Please be prepared to fall in love with maybe the most magic (but for sure most authentic) all analog records of all time […]

Human Touch In Handcrafted Natural Sound

Sonus faber writes: “Known worldwide as the Artisan of Sound, Sonus faber’s emphasis on organic-inspired design and human touch has always been at the heart of our craftsmanship. Sonus faber artisans use their skills and passion to create unmatched audio engineering, from wood cabinets to speaker fine-tuning. Our luxury equipment relies on a deep culture and legacy built on a […]