Subbase Composant S+

Subbase writes: “This is a preview of our new Signature series. The new Composant S+ as the perfect component base together with the Vividus zwo the perfect setup system for your components! The Composant S+ harmonizes the interference frequencies of the components according to the same principle as the Vividus zwo. In combination, Composant S+ and Vividus zwo work at mechanical and field level to create an RF interference-free working environment for the components positioned on it. The highest level for the best audio systems.

The frame is a matt black aluminum frame, finely blasted, in the same finish as the Vividus zwo. In the center is a surrounding inlay of high-gloss black nickel. A wonderful understatement. The connection is made of pure silver. The conductor materials inside are made of the same material composition as our new Vivdus Signature cables. Perfection as far as the eye can see.”