Interview With Tetsuaki Aoyagi DS Audio CEO.

Dave Denyer writes: “As a by-product of my day-job I had the fantastic opportunity to welcome DS Audio CEO Tetsuaki Aoyagi (Aki-san) to my home. He popped round, from Japan, for a chat and to hear my hifi system which I use as reference for my work as a consultant in the hifi industry. It was an honour to have Aki-san visit my listening room, and to chat about old times: the birth and growth of DS Audio and their innovative optical phono cartridge system, and what’s in store for the future…”

“For those who don’t know DS Audio have developed a fully analogue optical phono cartridge system that revolutionises vinyl LP playback. 
Whilst this is a little off-topic compared to my usual videos, I felt the opportunity to ‘interview’ Aki-san for my channel couldn’t be missed.
And…. BREAKING NEWS!  I was extremely happy to be allowed to mention the next exciting new product coming from DS Audio. You heard it here first folks!”