New ultra high-end d·tc cables from Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics announce all new d·tc series: a series consisting of the best of the best when it comes to music system accessories. Now, we are ready to introduce to you the jewel of our new series: the d·tc cables.
The new Ansuz d·tc series will cover a full cable loom containing mains and loudspeaker cables and a complete selection of interconnect cables.
With the new ultra high-end level cables, Ansuz d·tc, we have not only used our well-known core technologies (DGC, DIHC and NSC), we have also added new groundbreaking technologies such as dynamically charged dielectric material and active tesla coil.
The performance of the Ansuz d·tc cables is impressive. The Ansuz d·tc cables have the stunning ability to let you experience previously unheard natural micro details in your recordings that you never even knew existed.
The Ansuz d·tc cables have a stunning visual design with selective laser sintered d·tc housings. The Ansuz d·tc cables will not only integrate beautifully into your sound system, but also into your home décor.