A few more insights about the upcoming M2Tech Mitchell Electronic Crossover… “As anticipated in the previous post, the development of the Mitchell analog electronic crossover continues. In the image you can see a preview drawing of the rear panel, with the various input and output connections. The crossover has two inputs, one unbalanced and one balanced, selectable via the PC configuration app supplied with the device. Due to the limited space on the 19cm wide panel of the Rockstars series, we have brought together the balanced outputs of each channel on two 7-pin XLR connectors (three pairs of signals and ground). The crossover will be supplied with two cables with a 7-pin XLR plug at one end and three 3-pin XLR plugs (one for each way) at the other end.”

“Among the configuration options, the possibility to choose the input of the ways 2 and 3. The way 2 can receive signal from the input connectors or from the output of way 1. The way 3 can receive signal from the input connectors or from the output of way 2. In this way it will be possible to realize filters of great complexity and / or high slope (up to 90dB / oct), obviously giving up the total number of available ways.

We are populating the crossover mainboard, while a filter board is already mounted. We hope to start programming the on-board controller next week. Then the development of the configuration software in a Windows environment (followed by Linux) will follow.”