A New Old Friend…

Our friend Tim shares his passionate take on the new old friend – The classic Dynavector DV 505 with a very rare Arm Mount DV3C for my Micro Seiki.
I mounted it on my “Micro Seiki Double-Decker” installing a Lyra Olympos. Okay – just a try as I know what details and precision the Olympos is able to derive. The result  is a very soft and a bit forgiving sound meaningly with other arms like the FR-66s the Olympos is able to work out more detail and dynamics.

Besides the many advantages of the different construction details the DV 505 offers the edddy current brake has a kind of “swallowing finest details effect” and dynamical shadowings in the low level area. That’s why the DV sounds soft, never aggressive but provides not the last word in transparence or attack to me. When I changed to other MCs, more on the hard side and pushing more the high frequencies like the Denon 103, OC-9 Audio Technica, ZYX, Ortofon 2000 – in the direction of fast and more aggressive MCs, I discovered the real virtues of this wonderful tonearm. Don’t worry it is a fantastic and musical arm, for the last words in dynamics (with carts like the Olympos or Atlas) one should look out for alternatives 😉.