A new shop’s in town – HiFiRecord in Padua, Italy

When a shop like this opens, any serious, passionate music lover and records collector should party and cheers, folks!
After randomly browsing the bins, I immediately realized the absolute gems you can find here: Hat Hut and Moers from Switzerland and many many more…
The first time I was here, I had the SAME emotion as when I entered at Academy Books and records store in NYC, back in early ’90s or at Rasputin’s in Berkeley, California in early ’90s, as well.ù
Yes, it’s this good!
A shop is a shop, of course… but the difference is who’s making the stock and my pal Mirco Sarto, the owner, is an incredibly knowledged jazz expert and he truly knows how to make his customers happy to empty their wallets;-)
If you happen to live too far from beautiful Padua… just browse the DiscoGS virtual marketplace and… enjoy shopping online, at your convenience!
Mirco Sarto
hifi – audio – dischi 33/45 giri – cd
Via Marin 25/27
35122 Padova
Mobile 328.7236872
First pressing, Japanese pressings, jazz, free jazz are a specialty! Sought after, accordingly priced stuffs and cheaper… everything in pristine conditions, carefully cleaned with AudioDesk Systeme vinyl cleaning machine.
Let’s support our brick shops against the big companies… same as it’s a joy to shop at a small, family owned greengrocer or fishmonger or bakery.
There is more soul doing so!
Dearly thanking my pal Franco Poti for sharing this goldmine of a shop I wasn’t aware of.
Stefano Bertoncello