Here are more photos and information about the new Acoustic Preference BRAVURA, Model: SSIA 1/ LE, Solid State Integrated Amplifier No.1- Limited Edition. Fifteen years ago, production of the first series of BRAVURA amplifiers was discontinued. In 2021, Acoustic Preference decided to revive the greatly updated and improved BRAVURA integrated amplifier on the occasion of the 20th anniversary (2001-2021) of the emergence of high-quality Acoustic Preference audio products.


– Limited Edition “A-Class” Amplifier Stereo Integrated 

– High current DC Symmetric Bipolar A- Class Power stage

– 100W/8 Ohms in pure A-class, power: 200W/8 Ohms RMS @0.1% THD+N

– DC to 100KHz frequency response, DC-coupled amplifiers

– 6 x 24 Amperes TO -3 Metal Can transistors per channel.

– Total 120 000 MFD /100V power capacitor reservoir bank per channel (2 x 12pcs)

– Total Dual Mono, 600 VA Ultra-Low Noise toroidal transformer per channel

– Pure Silver internal signal wiring, three wired output terminals

– 6 Dual Mono switched line inputs, 1.5VRMS@47KOhms

– Dimensions: 410 X 460 X 180 mm

– Weight: A lot (over 26 kilograms)

PRICE: Upon request!