Acoustic Signature NEO Series

Acoustic Signature writes: “Each and every component of our NEO series has been re-evaluated and significantly improved.”

The launch of the NEO series represents a cumulative approach to turntable and tonearm design, something that ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE has been steadfast about integrating since the very first turntable that Gunther Frohnhöfer built almost 24 years (1997) ago.

Incorporating the latest technologies, engineering efficiencies and material sciences, we improved upon the original products by giving a higher level of soundquality. The ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE NEO series are the redefinition of future sound – a future that pulls you right into the center of music.”  

“ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE was founded in 1996 in Suessen (district of Goeppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg). Just one year later managing director and chief developer Gunther Frohnhoefer presented the first ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE high-mass turntable from his own manufacture, thus gaining worldwide recognition and a reputation as an innovative company. With the expansion of its product portfolio which now also included tonearms and analog accessories, ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE established itself as a fixed value in the international high-end market – with distribution partners on all five continents.

Supported by state-of-the-art CNC technology and CAD systems our highly qualified engineers, electrical technicians, precision turners, goldsmiths and other specialists contribute their skills to further expand ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE’s reputation as an absolute technology leader.”