Acoustic Sounds brings first 12 titles on analog tape

You want it, you’ve got it. Acoustic Sounds is brining first 12 titles analog tape copies priced at $450 each…

Ready your ears for something special! From Acoustic Sounds, Inc., the world leader in audiophile music sales, comes the highest quality analog reel-to-reel tape album reissues — Analogue Productions Ultra Tape! Twelve masterpiece titles are featured in this new reissue series, each a 15 ips, ¼-inch analog tape copy sourced from a copy of the original analog master tape. Transferred real-time, using an ATR-modified Ampex Tape Machine with flux magnetic heads. Each copy is housed in a custom slipcase cover.
The first two titles —  Janis Ian’s Breaking Silence and Ben Webster’s Gentle Ben — are slated to be released before 2016 ends. Analogue Productions is the vinyl, SACD and now audio tape reissue label owned by Acoustic Sounds. 
The remaining titles include: Rickie Lee Jones’ It’s like This / Hugh Masakela’s Hope / Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances (the famous Turnabout recording) / Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Scheherazade (RCA Living Stereo) / Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Pines of Rome and Fountains of Rome (RCA Living Stereo) / Leopold Stokowski’s Rhapsodies (RCA Living Stereo) / René Leibowitz and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra The Power of The Orchestra (RCA Living Stereo) / Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Lieutenant Kije and Stravinksy’s Song of the Nightingale (RCA Living Stereo) / Abel /Steinberg – Beethoven Violin Sonata (Wilson Audio) / and  Lowell Graham’s Winds of War & Peace (Wilson Audio).

Each reissue copy is priced at $450. The entire series is available by subscription and subscribers will pay for 11 titles and receive the 12th one free!

Acoustic Sounds has enlisted Gus Skinas, of the Super Audio Center in Boulder, Colo., to handle the tape transfers, which are made using the Ampex Tape Machines in the control room at Blue Heaven Studios, here in Salina.
For more than a year, at every trade show and on more and more phone calls and emails, our customers  have hammered away with the same request: “When are you going to start selling tape?!”
You spoke, we listened. We know tape’s advantages: greater dynamic range, especially at frequency extremes; minimal signal processing; and unsurpassed richness and realism — it’s the closest to hearing the master tape. You’re going to be blown away when you experience playback of our Ultra Tape reissues from Analogue Productions! Order your subscription today!
Link: here.