Acoustical System The Aiwon cartridge

Dietrich Of Axiom Tonearm fame from Acoustical System, Germany and Thomas (codename “Syntax” at Audiogon), paid me a visit recently. We have a small gathering of some serious analogue enthusiasts. Dietrich also introduced his latest offering, a phono cartridge of high calibre, The Aiwon. After some serious setting up work on the Axiom and the Aiwon, on the TechDas Air Force One, we are ready for some serious listening but with a newly delivered and installed Gryphon Pendragon Loudspeaker system. Then, Dietrich realized that some work need to be done on the positioning of the Pendragon in order to allow his works and creations to be fully realized. Oh yes…the Germans went to work on my Pendragon. 
After a while, we knew that we are there with the Pendragon. As the first tone is played, we were treated with musical orgasm…the layering of details of each tone is so beautifully presented with lifelikeness that is unheard of before that. The scale of each musical instrument is rightly portrayed with dimensionality that is easily believable. With my eyes closed, my mind and body actually believe that I am hearing the music “LIVE” at the venue. The dynamic, slam and timing are in the region of lifelike clarity, clean and defined. I saw a big smile on Dietrich’s and Thomas’ face in agreement with the music. My other guests were busy negotiating with Mr.Koo of Swedish Statement of the prices of the fine products from Acoustical System, Germany…enjoy ( I sure did! )


Dato’ Danon Han