Admire Audio writes: “A high-efficiency three-way horn loudspeaker. This design highlights the qualities of the amplifications, aspiring to a more natural sounding amplifiers. Inspired by the work of Western Electric, we offer a product that, compact as it is also retains the essence of great speaker systems. Its characteristics bring out the level of humanity to playback and turns listening into a unique experience.

“You can only find what you are looking for through clarity”

The ever-evolving AA4 possesses a rich and captivating tone. The music is right there, in front of our very eyes with all its vivid pulse and the stage is ready to expand to the outside world.   

With a three-way Horn concept, this model brings its driver quality to the limit.

The exponentials are designed to deliver the highest level there is, achieving a precise mechanical adjustment which offers us a minimalist filtering. The adjustment procedure has been carried out both in anechoic chamber as well as in the listening room. 

Thanks to the hundreds of tests run delicately, the result is this seamlessly excellent product.