AFI FLAT Record Flattener NEW

Before my two travels I’ve received this device from Franc Kuzma – KAT, who is an exclusive distributor for Slovenia and Croatia. NEW AFI FLAT Record Flattener, uses slow, controlled heating and cooling process, that can flatten vinyl records. It surely takes time its time, but results are very promising. AFI FLAT might interest audiophiles and music lovers with a larger collection of vinyl both old and new as we all know in what condition some of the precious black disc arrive from all over the world…
The Record Flattener flat is intended exclusively for annealing of records. The device is to serve for the flattening of warped records from polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl copolymers (vinyl).
During the flattening process the record is heated very slowly until the maximum temperature (plateau temperature) is reached. This temperature is maintained constantly for a predetermined time. Then the record is cooled very slowly and controlled. The plateau time and the plateau temperature are dependent on the program.
The “Standard” and “Relaxation” programs are immutable. By contrast, the program “Expert” can be parameterized in which you can adjust both the plateau time and the plateau temperature.
Possible applications for the Record Flattener flat
1. Since the late 1890s, billions of sound and image carriers were produced in disk format. They differ not only by recording, reproducing and pressing processes, but they can also vary widely in composition of the plate materials. Therefore, they also differ in their physical properties, particularly in the softening temperature.
2. The Record Flattener flat• was developed solely for the tempering of vinyl records, especially for 12 “-records (LPs). Such discs dominated the market since the early 1960s and are enjoying a renaissance.
3. The chances to flatten warped 7“- records are lower than with 12“-records.
4. The deformation of records may be differently persistent. Especially with long-standing damage or very high level waves the restoration prospects are poor.
5. If you are in doubt about the material composition of the record or if you want to straighten a particularly valuable disk, the program Expert offers the possibility to treat the record initially briefly at a low temperature. If the flattening result does not satisfy you, the process can be repeated under more severe conditions.
6. The device is definitely not suitable for shellac records, neither for discs that have been created in direct cut method nor for digital sound carriers such as CDs and video discs.
7. Due to the aforementioned comments, there does not exist an universally effective flattening process nor a flattening device that is suitable for the treatment of each type of record. Therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for the ironing results.

Price: 2.850 EUR

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