Every element of this speaker was designed with only one thought in mind, the best possible recreation of music. The shape of the speaker, a tall slender column narrowing at the center with rounded sides and top, has a sculptural beauty which is enhanced by our high gloss finish built to order in virtually any color. The shape of the speaker works to defeat diffraction distortion and minimize their sonic footprint. The Towers use 11 drivers, not merely to impress the eye, but to delight the ear. The design incorporates Dual Plane Mirror Imaging with the drivers mirror imaged in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The drivers have cascading crossovers that sum at the center point mimicking the theoretical perfection of an unlimited full frequency point source. All sides use our DampHard construction which offers a hard smooth surface to the drivers while damping out all unwanted cabinet resonances.

The lower midranges and woofers are tuned into our Alta XTL tuning for fast extended bass response. The tweeters use amorphous core transformers with an extremely powerful magnet structure to produce a nearly perfect impulse response making them both smooth and dynamic.

The crossovers use 12 gauge Litz coils and silver foil capacitors.
The internal wiring is 10 gauge and designed by Paul Kaplan of Waveform Fidelity.
The feet are a state of the art design from Stillpoints.
The electronic crossover is from DEQX (included) and includes a top of the line Digital to Analog converter.
Delivery and setup are included in the continental United States.
Height: 86 inches
Width: 16 inches at top and bottom, 12 inches at center, 21 inches at base
Depth: 22 1/2 inches at top and bottom, 21inches at center, 28 inches at base
Weight: 485lbs
Driver complement: 
4 Titanium former 10 inch woofers in Alta XTL bass tuning
2 Titanium former 6 inch lower midranges in Alta XTL bass tuning
2 Hex cone titanium former 6 inch upper midranges in open back
3 Amorphous core high output ribbon tweeters
Sensitivity: 93 dB / 2.83 Volts @ 1Meter
Frequency response: 14Hz to 47kHz
Impedance: 2 Ohms
Bi-amplification (or Tri-amplification) 100W / channel
Electronic crossover (included)