Amarra for Tidal NEW

Why Amarra for TIDAL ?
Amarra for TIDAL brings the award winning Amarra sound to your TIDAL music experience! You will hear a wider soundstage, experience better dynamics, and feel the silence of a quieter background
Use our Sonic EQ presets to personalize the sound to your taste
Create playlists to share with your TIDAL mobile app
Upcoming support for Amarra Remote iOS mobile application
A complete TIDAL music experience
Customizable EQ
Take control of the sound from your TIDAL lossless stream
Fully customizable, professional-level EQ
Presets for different genres and speakers or headphones
Optimize the sound of your favorite songs
Save and recall unlimited personalized presets

iOS Amarra Remote
• Control all of TIDAL from your couch!
• iPad and iPhone versions
• iOS 8 or later
• visit the iOS App Store and download for free
iRC Room Correction
iRC Impulse Response Correction, powered by Dirac, improves all listening enivornments and delivers a more focused soundstage and phase coherence.
Requires separate iRC license
Room Correction for all your OSX Audio
Works with your Amarra Symphony and Amarra sQ+software
Integrated with Sonic Equalizer and Volume Control
Requires calibrated microphone (not included)
Activates two machines