An audiophile trip to Hong Kong part two

“Most audiophile have to battle with their respective surroundings to get the better sound performance from their components. My recent Hong Kong trip brought me to an audio system that was not in plain sight except the big Wilson Audio Grand Slam Loudspeakers. The rest of the system was actually located in another room which was the owner’s home office. He shared with us that much was done to get the music ‘right’ from his system!

After only but a moment, I’ve realized that his system’s musical presentation was ‘there and right’… The soundstage was enveloping with images that were well delineated, defined and specific. The bass was directional, articulated and clean. 

He proved to us all that it is possible to get great music from your system in almost any surrounding, if you know what to do…” – Dato’ Danon Han