More of the audiophile heavenly visits from our dear friend Wilson Ng… “Yesterday afternoon Friday 27th July 2018 I was brought to Mr. Hung Hoang Van den by Tran Trung Kien. Take a look what he has in terms of open reels and gears. I can call him the king of kings in open reels in HCMC Vietnam. He has nine in all and all are top brand. My mouth simply watered when I saw and heard them all. The host played them one by one from original master tapes starting with Studer A820 in 1/2” tape. Then A37 tubed deck. Then A80. Then Stellavox TD9. Then Nagra 4S.

And so on. And also l.p. with TechDas Air Force turntable one using Kondo Audio Note Japan M1000 MK2 preamplifier and Wavac tube amplifier and all his interconnects are Nordost Odin 2 as seen and speaker cable Grand Master Evolution on Marten Speakers from Sweden. The room is a medium size but the music is top notched played in a very gentle tone. Cheers !!!”