Andreas Klug‎ EL 84 tube amplifier DIY kit NEW

Andreas Klug‎ just introduced all new EL 84 tube amplifier DIY kit. This is power amplifier with 4 EL 84 per channel. More info…

2x 32 Watts RMS 4-8 Ohm
– Ultra Linear (Push Pull) circuit
– Signal to noise ratio: 71dBm
– Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) -86 dBm
– THD 1kHz: 0.09% / 10W, 0.18% / 30W
– Input Sensitivity: 775 mV
– 4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs
– Tubes: TAD, 4x EL84 STR, selected, premium matched and 1x ECC82 per channel
– Ceramic tube sockets with gold plated contacts
– Oil paper capacitors, Silver Mica Caps
– Resistors 1% tolerance metal film
– Channel Isolated construction of amplifier boards
– Boards with silent blocks suspended vibration-damping
– Power transformer as single units with low dispersion plates
– Separate heating coil channel
– Multiple-nested high-end output transformer from German production
– 6 gold-plated speaker terminals 6 sq mm for large cable cross-sections
– 2 gold plated RCA input jacks
– IEC power socket with built-in backup devices and 2 pole power switch
– 1.5 mm extra thick gloss chromed steel housing with engraved logo
   “Rocket” and optionally verchromten- or stainless steel screws
– Machined from solid, highly polished aluminum feet and vibration damping