“We at Audio Group Denmark (Ansuz-, Aavik- & Børresen-Acoustics) are very proud to wel- come one of the greatest talents in the Hi-Fi industry, Flemming Rasmussen, as a new mem- ber of our design and development team. This move will strengthen Audio Group Denmark and further advance our innovative design and development work.”

For over 35 years, Flemming Rasmussen has created and made ”dreams” come true with his pronounced artistic passion for Hi-Fi equipment design. Although his motivation has always been driven by the actual process of creation, he has always given his artistic work a distinct purpose. These two factors have paved the way to amazingly creative outcomes. Despite his great successes, Flemming Rasmussen is still brimming with passionate drive, is extremely curious and explorative, and is dominated by a strong need to give free reign to his creativity.

In Flemming Rasmussen’s own words: “When people ask me; what is your best design? I like to say; I haven‘t made it yet“.

Audio Group Denmark’s overriding goal has always been to develop sophisticated Hi-Fi equipment which offers an unrivalled musical authenticity. To achieve this, it is impera- tive to pursue a hands-off approach and let the music unfold itself absolutely freely and unconstrained. At Audio Group Denmark, we firmly believe that, in the quest to unlock the full acoustic potential of music, we have so far only begun to scratch the surface. Beneath that surface, there still lies a vast, yet unchartered area just waiting to be discovered for the benefit of outstanding musical authenticity.

To explore these unknown areas of technology, design and innovation, Flemming Rasmus- sen is a perfect fit for Audio Group Denmark. This is not only because of his persistent drive to delve into new fields of acoustics and his untiring creative potential but also thanks to his 35 years of in-depth experience in the Hi-Fi industry.

Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen, together with Flemming Rasmussen have already embarked on developing some new and innovative audio equipment that elevates the qu- ality of musical authenticity into a new dimension. They are very much looking forward to sharing their results with the audio world in the near future.

With Flemming Rasmussen on board, Audio Group Denmark transforms from an already strong team into a dream team.

A dream team that is now poised to make acoustic dreams come true.