Apurna CARMINA speakers

Apurna writes: “After having put our aerospace expertise into the elaboration of High-Fidelity analog amplifiers, we unveil our ultra-high-end acoustic loudspeakers CARMINA.”

“The 3-way passive floorstanding speakers have an unprecedented energy management approach, the latter being based on the disruptive technology CARSTM – Composite Apurna Resonance System, a registered trademark.

By means of a 30mm multi-layer composite shell, coupled to 3 solid copper bass-reflex ports, this avant-garde technological innovation allows a controlled elasticity of the cabinet construction.

The energy created by the movement of the membranes of the two Ø 26cm bass drivers is effectively absorbed, removing the harmful effect of standing waves inside the speakers, making the speaker cabinet far less prone to sound coloration, without any deformation.
The bass is tight and fast; The very low frequency register is ultra-realistic, without any dragging or “barrel” effect.”