Arda Tech AT1401

The AT1401 is a differential 24-bit D/A converter designed for ultra high performance audio systems.
High output current of ±15.5 mA and compliance voltage of 625mVp-p help to maximize the SNR that can be achieved in the system. An on-board, low noise reference generator and external resistor set the full scale current level. A pin programmable DAC for fine tuning of the full scale output allows easy matching of multiple devices for multi-channel applications.

Members of our Early Adopter Program (EAP) have access to design specifications and a chance to influence the feature set. Contact us for information on the EAP.

Key Features
Ultra-high Linearity
Sampling Rate up to 1.536MHz
Oversampling:4x at 384kHz, 8x at 192kHz
High Output Current: ±15.5mA
High Compliance Voltage: 625mVp-p
Input Data Width: 24 bit
Programmable Full-Scale and Offset Trim
QFN-48 Green Package
High Performance CD/DVD Players
Audio Mastering Equipment
Digital Audio Mixing Consoles