Aries Cerat Talos MK2 ultimate phono preamplifier

Another out of the box product from Aries Cerat ultra-high end audio lab. The mighty two-chassis Talos phono preamplifier. “After spending years researching and designing and building /testing various designs, including discrete solid state, tube hybrid, and opamp phono stages, we settled to an all tube, three stage, all transformer coupled uniquely designed phono stage ,that brings something new to the analog world. Our goal was to design and built the best phono preamplifier, a unique cost no object implementation. We strongly believe we have done so.”


– Gain:  62db  , 80db with optional 18db SUT. Custom step up ratios/impedances available.
– Noise: -88db unweighted
– Max Voltage out: 15Vpp
– Max input overload: Can be used with Very high output MM carts without overload
– Cartridge Loading options: Limit-less number of resistor values.Loading modules can be ordered in any resistor value.
– Total Weight: 77kg