Armonia Audio Erato horn speakers

Michael Myrsilidis just sent in updated info about his horn speakers. 
Armonia Audio Erato horn speakers sports near 100db 1w @ 1m and implement heavily modified Fostex 206 8” and 12” bass driver driven by D HYPEX DS2.0 amplifier. 
Special glue, used for musical instruments assembly is used for the cabins construction. Each speaker is hand made and coated shellac and camelia oil.
“In Greek mythology, Erato /ˈɛrətoʊ/ (Ancient Greek: Ἐρατώ) is one of the Greek Muses. The name would mean “desired” or “lovely”, if derived from the same root as Eros, asApollonius of Rhodes playfully suggested in the invocation to Erato that begins Book III of his Argonautica.[1]
Erato is the Muse of lyric poetry. Anyone named after the muse can often be mistaken for an angel because of their beautiful appearance and loving personality. In the Orphic hymn to the Muses, it is Erato who charms the sight. Since the Renaissance she is often shown with a wreath of myrtle and roses, holding a lyre, or a small kithara, a musical instrument that Apollo or she herself invented[citation needed].”


RESPONSE: 40-20.000Hz
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: near 100db 1w @ 1m
Depth 0,80m, Width 0,40m, Height 1,4 m
Weight of about 75kg
Material construction birch plywood thickness 30mm, veneered walnut
Coating HAND MADE with shellac and camelia oil
Loudspeakers Driving Units:
LOW range, 12 ” Precision Device, amplified with class D HYPEX DS2.0 amplifier, range of about 35Iz to 100Hz, 
cabin with front and rear loaded horn
FULL RANGE, 8 ” Fostex 206 modified, without crossover, with a range about 100 Hz, up to 15.000Hz, front and dual rear loaded horn
TWEETER, Beyma 1 ” modified using a crossover 3rd class, silver capacitor, range 16.000-20.000Hz chamber of wood and front loaded small horn.
Speakers terminals binding posts from WBT,
Internal wiring of single plated copper conductor OFC JAPAN, with silk lining, the crossover is covered with a woolen blanket to protect from vibrations, all screws and ant vibration spikes are from gold plated brass.
The grill cloth of the sub cabin is retro.
Special glue for musical instruments was used in the cabins construction.
No sound-insulating material used.