Damon Von Schweikert’s shares his enthusiasm about the new reference gear addition, the Artesania Audio The Exoteryc Racks and Aire platform, that will be used in Von Schweikert Audio listening room and at the high-end audio shows for demo. 
“We have a massive new addition to the VSA soundroom and our traveling show system. The Exoteryc Racks and Aire Floor Platforms have arrived directly from Spain and our friends at Artesania Audio!”

To say this was an impressive shipment to receive is an understatement with it weighing in at roughly 760 pounds (344 kilos). Artesania Audio was thoughtful enough to craft show ready crates that allow us to quickly unpack and pack up the racks. This is a must for shows where we have precious little time to get systems set up and warmed up before attendees and press are listening to the system (much less than 24 hours typically). This will allow us to turn on the electronics sooner. It’s worth noting that all Artesania racks are shipped 95% assembled which makes life easier for everyone.
While these photos show the 3+3 tandem Exoteryc Rack and Turntable Platform as well as the Aire Platforms (for our mono blocks), we also have a 4 shelf rack that we require for the show system which is much larger than the one in our soundroom.

Such a clean and yet elegant look. Very nice!
I love the actual branding they’ve done to the crates with their “brand.”  😉
A truly impressive example of the no-compromise build quality just in these show cases but I have a feeling our freight costs for shows has dramatically increased!

Ready to rock, right out of the crate!

Easy Access!

I like how the accessories are have separate cases, another example of over-the-top build quality and intelligent design.

There’s a lot of weight here with the Dampers and Decoupling Discs but nothing is getting damaged during shipment.
Aire Floor Platform

Getting the amps decoupled from the floor makes a HUGE improvement in sound.
The system is all placed and ready to connect with cables.

I especially like the fit and finish of this rack system.

This is the Turntable Platform.
Note the heavy anti-magnetic and shock absorbing Dampers provided to add mass to your electronics which reduces vibrations.
The rack shelf heights are fully adjustable to accommodate most electronics and the shelves. The shelves themselves are isolated from the frame of the rack.
The Aire Floor Platforms benefit from the same technology.
There are two different types of Isolation Discs provided to suit different system requirements.
It’s amazing how adjustable the racks are to accommodate even this very small power block.
Not only does it provide a critical function in the performance of the system, the Aresania Audio racks are a great way to display your exotic audio components.