Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement turntable model update

Christopher Thornton from Artisan Fidelity just sent in the lated update about their Garrard 301 Statement turntable model turntable. Here is the info and video 
After careful evaluation of the existing vintage stamped, variable cast aluminum chassis we have decided to forego using this portion of the factory Garrard 301 model and have designed from scratch a brand new, precision replacement Statement series chassis consisting of a state of the art, heat treated aircraft grade aluminum alloy billet. In doing so, nearly every audible playback parameter of the Garrard 301 Statement model has been enhanced, increased clarity, improved left/right channel separation, lower noise floor and greater mechanical isolation from operational motor induced vibrations. In addition to the implementation of precision replacement primary 301 chassis plates, we are testing a myriad of proprietary designed motor stand offs and ancillary linkage pillars to maximize isolation benefits and playback by ear resonant tuning.  Furthermore, these Statement CNC milled chassis plates will be offered as retro-fit upgrades for existing Garrard 301 Statement clients and require no additional plinth modifications for installation.