Audio Alto AA EN 1000 High power amplifier energizer NEW

The AA EN 1000 (Energizer) is a new product that energizes the attached master amplifier output power by implementing very unique circuits and special approach. The AA EN 1000 takes the master amplifier signal without altering and it then passes the signal directly to the attach speakers. Beyond this the Energizer, being connected in parallel with the master amplifier, adds the required current and voltage in harmony with the master amplifier output to energize its raw power. Adding AA EN 1000 to existing system leaves the master amplifier audio signature unchanged although the power on attach speakers is nine times (9x) larger.
Audio Alto AA EN 1000 High power amplifier energizer concept and approach was not realized till now on the High Fidelity and High End audio market so this is a UNIQUE PRODUCT.
·         Frequency response: 0 Hz to 50.000 Hz -3dB
·         Distortion: less then 0.005 % at 300W
·         Noise: -114 dB
·         Output  Power: 2 x 500W  @ 4 or 8 Ohms
·         Inputs:  2 x 1 to 55W @ 4 or 8 Ohms
·         Dimensions (W x D x H): 295 x 465 x 93 mm
·         Weight: 11 Kg