Audio Alto AA O102 SL Speakers.

The AA O102 SL(x) is a special speaker in every way. When designing, we mainly had in mind a speaker system that would satisfy modern needs for connectivity, flexibility and superior sound. AA O102 SL is probably the smallest open speaker system in the world. In the design phase, the goal was to make a small system, but with “big” sound. The special feature of the system compared to other systems is the phase- and time-coordinated sound reproduction. The speaker system is available in two versions – passive (AA O102 SLP) and active (AA O102 SL).


The AA O102 SL is a speaker system without an “open baffle” (Open Baffle), so the sound is natural and without distortions caused by a closed case. The sound from the system is dipole dispersed and, due to its directionality, causes minimal sound reflections and resonance. A great advantage of such a design is the limitation of the spread of low frequencies outside the listening area. This, of course, greatly reduces the annoying noise of the neighbors.
The system consists of six loudspeaker units, two broadband units and four subwoofer units. Six units – two 3.5-inch wideband units and four 8-inch woofer units enable phase and time-aligned sound reproduction.
As a passive implementation of the system, the AA O102 SLP uses a minimalist approach to audio filter design and presents a “light” load on the power amplifier. The AA O102 SLP system is therefore also ideal for tube amplifiers.
AA O102 SL in the active version has an amplifier unit built into the speaker system, which provides a total of 2×250 W RMS power. The signal input to the system is analog with two connectors (RCA/XLR). The built-in audio processor enables optional optimization of the system’s sound in the room. The unit is accompanied by a software package that can be used to graphically set the frequency response in the room. There are also three presets that can be easily selected and controlled on the amplifier unit or with the IR remote control. The playback volume can also be adjusted with the remote control.


The system appearance can be ordered in various finishes including various colors (matte or piano polished or different veneers, oiled or piano polished).
With its performance, the AA O102 SL is positioned to the very top of the range of all passive/active speaker systems, and with its capabilities and functionality, it will surprise even the most demanding listener.