Audio Club Premiere venture comes as Artesania Audio natural evolution. Cayetano Castellano needed a premium show room to host distributors and partners from the international market an an idea was born to establish something very different and special. 

Audio Club Premier SL represents certain brands for Spain and some other ones only for Catalunya and Aragon (2 regions from Spain North East). The selected products will be demoed in beautiful show room at Sommos Winery’s unique building. Somontano winery is located two hours away from Barcelona and four hours from Madrid.

The iconic building was designed by renowned Spanish architect Jesús Marino Pascual and is placed in the middle of vineyards expanding over 450 hectares. Modern relief structure made out of steel cubes arise from the hearth of vineyard production facility, where wines are being made in the most perfect environment. 
This is the place, that combine wine, culture and music. Imagine a supreme high end audio aural pleasure combined with a supreme sensual experience.
More to follow…