Audio Engineers Zen Disc Series.

Zen Disc vibration control isolation devices are extremely effective products that contain specially selected materials and triple rolling-ball technology.  Each Zen Disc version uses Audio Engineers’ unique design principles to provide extremely efficient attenuation.  

Triple rolling-ball vibration control isolation devices
The Zen Disc series vibration control isolation devices is capable of effective 360-degree axial and horizontal damping, and the special materials used ensure more effective and faster reaction time vibration absorption.  Zen Disc vibration control isolation devices effectively dampen the audio devices’ own resonances and vibrations from the environment.
Zen Disc vibration control isolation devices are primarily designed for audio and video devices with moving mechanical parts, CD, Blu-ray players, turntables, devices with HDD, center-, bookshelf-, floor-standing speakers, speaker stands, and audio furniture.  Furthermore, for used in places where the vibration is more present due to the volume or other physical force effects. Zen Disc vibration control isolation devices provide exceptional acoustic performance and enhanced sound clarity. 
Triple rolling-ball pendulum technology
The Zen Disc series uses specially designed triple-ball cups. The design of the cups has a variable curve, so the Zen Disc units easily respond to low-intensity vibrations and can exert a greater counter-effect to higher-energy vibrations. The triple rolling-ball design is always balanced,  so it does not “wobble”, so it can be easily installed under spiky feet or factory device feet without additional fixing. The triple rolling-ball design made it possible to use smaller balls, whose lower own weight provides a faster reaction time to compensate for vibration. The design of the ball cup has also been tuned to the materials used, so the members of the Zen Disc series differ not only in their material quality and load capacity but also in their efficiency and sensitivity.
State-of-the-art materials and technologies 
 Zen Disc vibration control isolation devices are made from a highly effective combination of materials and technologies used in space technology,  advanced aircraft, and automotive manufacturing.  The outer housing of the Zen Disc units is made of non-magnetic, high-quality aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy or high-strength stainless steel (HSLA) with ultra-high precision CNC machining.  The aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy and HSLA alone have excellent anti-vibration properties and effectively eliminate unwanted electronic interactions with sensitive audio device components caused by commonly used magnetizable steels.
The balls used in the units of the Zen Disc series are made of gunmetal (special brass alloy), ceramic (silicon nitride), and tungsten (wolfram carbide) that best match the housing material and design.  The different materials of the balls provide different load capacities and extremely effective damping in their category.  Due to the low surface friction and medium density of the gunmetal, it is extremely effective even at low loads.  The high hardness and low density of the ceramic ensure a fast reaction time. Tungsten is also effective under heavy loads due to its extreme hardness, high density, and highly effective vibration-dampening effect.
Extra slim, almost invisible design
In the design of the Zen Disc series, in addition to efficiency, one of the main aspects was the extra slim, almost invisible design.  This required precise planning and special materials.  Thanks to the extra slim design, the Zen Disc units are easy to install and almost invisible, yet extremely effective at dampening harmful resonances in any audio system.
High-grade and super-high-grade balls  
The balls used in the Zen Disc series are grade 10 and grade 5, so they are almost perfect spheres. All gunmetal balls are grade 10, so they ensure an almost perfect fit. The used ceramic and tungsten balls are grade 5, thus even more perfect spheres, which are made with an ultra-precision process.  Ceramic and tungsten balls are extremely hard, reaching 9.5 and 9.75 hardness on the Mohs scale, which is very close to the Mohs 10 hardness of diamond. 
Nano-ceramic surface treatment 
Each Zen Disc unit is made with a special nano-ceramic surface treatment.  The nano-ceramic layer forms an extremely hard, yet flexible coating on the metal surfaces of the ball cups, which provides a smoother, harder surface and lower friction resistance.  The balls used in Zen Disc units also have this special nano-ceramic surface treatment. 
Special bottom damping layer
At the bottom of each Zen Disc unit, there is a special damping layer, which reduces not only horizontal displacement but also damps vertical resonances. The three members of the Zen Disc series received a bottom damping layer with different materials, which was designed taking into account the material composition and load capacity. Zen Disc Gunmetal has a special polymer fiber damping layer on the bottom, Zen Disc Ceramic has an increased thickness polymer-teflon (PTFE) fiber bottom damping layer, and Zen Disc Tungsten has a polymer-carbon fiber bottom damping layer.
The Zen Disc series is available in sets of 3 and 4 from €189.