Audio Note M10 Signature preamplifier impact

You want tube in the audio system for the Rogers BBC LS3/5A 60th Anniversary speakers. Then we have here the Audio Note M10 Signature pre amp to spice up the presentation to a whole new unheard level of performance, in my book anyway. I do not think that these little monitor is capable of this level of performance…sound unheard of!
We have some fun session with this audio system. Thanks to the generosity of an audiophile friend, we get to enjoy the top end Audio Note M10 Signature pre amp with Trinity Mono amplifiers. The source is none other than the CH Precision C1 MK2 Digital to Analogue Converter. The rest of the system are clearly visible in the photos. The resulting audio presentation is nothing short of spectacular…we enjoy a great fellowship under some stellar musical presentations!

Dato’ Danon Han