Audio Reference Technology Low Frequency Effect A-100x RCA

At present, whether you possess the world’s most hi-end stereo system or not, the space where you listen to the music directly effects your equipment.  Most audio equipment operates below its optimum, with regard to bandwidth and tone quality, which is truly a great loss to the consumers. Even with some excellent stereo systems with frequencies that extend into the low 20Hz range, one cannot hear the bass properly because of echo, the length of the sound wave, or because the power amplifier can’t control the bass on its own.

A.R.T. Low Frequency Effect is designed to solve all these problems.  You will not only experience fantastic low frequency, but the whole bandwidth will be amazingly open and wide.  The rotundness and the purity of the tenor, the clarity and profoundness of the bass, and the three-dimensional compass are so lovely, you will never want to be without it again.

Simple Equalizer function allows one to freely choose voice frequencies from 3Hz to 65Hz. Other frequencies will not be disturbed, allowing one to appreciate the reality, purity, and clarity of the melody.