Audio Tekne TEA 2000 Phono Equaliser Amplifier

Beautiful pro photo set of Audio Tekne TEA 2000 Phono Equaliser Amplifier. This Audio Tekne phono preamplifier implements ultra large super permalloy core and represents company best cost/performance model. All gain stages uses push pull fixed bias circuit. TEA 2000 also comes with large sized MC transformer built-in.

Technical Characteristics

Inputs: Phono: Only MC Low & High,
Max Input Level: Phono:Low25mVrms,High85mVrms
Output Level: EQ Out 1.6Vrms(std);11Vrms(max)
RIAA Accuracy: + / – 1.5dB (30Hz…15KHz)
Power Consumption: 50VA
Power: AC100V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: W44.5 x H17.0 x D15.5cm
Weight: 12Kg