Audio Vaccine SIT Monoblocks

“Under the guidance of Igor Maček, who is well known among Slovenian audiophiles and abroad, an interesting take on the SIT amplification (static induction transistor) has been realized. 

Technical features of each 12W monoblock:

– Sony VFET 2sk82 N-Channel transistor 
– 500VA transformer
– 150W power resistors, all other resistors are Allan Bradley
– Obbligato Gold input capacitors
– output capacitor Obbligato Gold 70uF + 10.000uF Nichicon Gold
– choke 150mH 3A Hammond
– PSU capacitors 2 x 35.000uF CDE 120V (70.000uF total per monoblock)
– two Elna Silmic capacitors for the bias

Made with painstaking attention to every electronic construction detail all this for a good reason: the sound is extraordinarily natural. The sonic picture is characterized by an extreme naturalness and absence of any mechanical artifacts. Tried on the SoulSonic WAVE HE speakers.”