Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable review

Denny of AUDIOCADABRA custom handcrafted cables & accessories from India contacted me regarding the review of their all new Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable. Why another USB review you might ask? Well, I think for the given design and such affordable price, this was more then worthy to investigate as many of you requested to explore more USB cables. We set for test schedule and agree about 2.0m long review sample.

Let us look what is unique about Audiocadabra Cables?

1) These cables are handcrafted. Every process involved, including: cutting of wires, braiding, cutting/applying heat shrinks, soldering…, is handcrafted.
2) Each cable takes a minimum 03 man-hours to build from start to finish.
3) Most of Audiocadabra products include free registered worldwide shipping.
4) Every product comes in a crush-resistant plastic lockable air-tight case of its own.
5) There are no plastic or PVC in any part of the cable. Only a thin layer of Teflon is used as the dielectric. Teflon is possibly the most practical audio-grade dielectric that one can use for audio cables.
6) Because these cables don’t have the fancy looking plastic/PVC flab they also have a very neutral spectral balance unheard at this price point.
7) We do not disclose the gauge of the wire used, but rest assured, we maintain industry standards. They look thin like a naked wire because of the absence of the fancy looking plastic/PVC flab.
8) Our wires are unshielded by design. But the cable is optimized for minimal EMI/RFI–it’s all in the tri-braid.
9) Only the best imported parts and tools are used to offer optimum and consistent quality.
10) Like all other cables these also need a good 200hrs of use (burn-in) to settle down.
11) Every cable is individually tested before they are shipped out.
12) 14-days money back guarantee on all our products.


We live in the era of global market and everything around is affected by its waves. As all things in life, there are good and bad things connected to it. For the matter of music enjoyment let us focus on the positive side of things with our most beloved music reproduction. A better side of globalisation is bringing the abundance of core materials previously unavailable to smaller companies. This phenomena opened up great opportunity for small scale audio business operations and much more affordable prices with the quality non available before. Audiocadabra explored this benefits in full and this is how they do it:
“Each of our cable takes a minimum 03 hours to handcraft. If the same cables were to be handcrafted in USA or Australia, where such a technical job would command a wage of USD 40 – 60 per hour, plus cost of parts, plus cost of shipping, plus dealers’ commission… one can only imagine what could be the selling price of such a product after all the logistics are in place. It is actually most profitable for big companies to mass-produce PVC/Plastic sheathed cables in China.
We have had customers ask us how do we make a profit after offering so much value and performance for so little money. Despite the 14days money back guarantee we have never had a single cable ever returned back to us for a refund. And we do not use fake testimonials on our website either. What you see on our site is what it is.”


We’ve seen the arise of dual headed cables, but so very few in the competing more affordable level. We’re used to single headed USB cables from our dealings with every day electronic gadgets and in past decade with high-end audio, but why dual-headed when single-headed works? Denny explains: 
“The Optimus Dual-Headed USB design keeps the data and power cables isolated from each other, for most part of the length of the cable, for better performance than the standard USB cable. You could either connect only the data cable to the computer if your DAC has an external power supply or you could connect the power cable to an external battery and the data cable to the computer for a blacker/quieter presentation than what a standard USB cable is capable of. Or both cables can be plugged in to the 02 USB ports of the computer, even then, they out-perform standard USB cables due better isolation of the cables.”
To elaborate further on AUDIOCADABRA take on USB cable Denny revealed their design philosophy.
“Every cable is a balance between performance and penalty. We design cables that are closest to the original signal by using methods/materials that do not take away much from the original signal. The proof is in the listening!”


As my good friend says. It either clicks or not. Some audio cables do work, some don’t. Its an instant process, that can be refined in performance in due time, but if something works the result is evident after first few note strikes. 
Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable shift in performance was instantly spot on. One thing, that makes USB cable stand out from the those being of little or no benefit is musical flow. Music becomes smoother and more refined. Its much better livelier experience with less digitis affecting the listening and interaction between the performer and listener. And Optimus handled music exactly in this way. 
With Optimus under the duties my favourite testing tracks gained in focus and become more vibrant. Knowing your music material to the bone makes you prone to any changes in the system. This goes especially hand in hand with reviewing the audio cables where small nuances gives all the key ingredients for a change. It was not expected for Optimus to bring such a shift in the performance, but Denny and team for sure done something right. For me the me musicality matter the most and this was the clear signature of positive change made by Optimus USB cable. 


Regardless of strong affection for vinyl medium and its return on the market its a fact, that digital audio took over the pace. High-res audio files became a standard and great way for many audiophiles and music lover to get in touch with the better quality of recordings, then with past digital formats. 
Dealing with digital audio perpetuated our life and became a daily routine. We don’t even think about it anymore. As such high-end audio swiftly incorporated accessories makes all the importance. We simply cannot image our lives without it. And for, that sake we cannot live without something, that helps in creating the better experience. 
Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable represent a added value for an audio USB cable. It goes beyond simple single headed design and bring significant improvement in the digital transfer oz zeros and ones. At this price point and dedication to the product design, that this company makes Optimus is an buying option, that audiophiles and music lovers should not avoid by any means. As noted above. If this USB cable would been made and sold from any other country you can forget the given price. It would stack up your “greens” quite noticeably. 
It was a real pleasure to deal with Denny. I’m allayed inspired and enlivened with the healthy enthusiasm and seriousness of people about their own products and work. I can only wish many larger companies would take on the level of commitment and dedication like Audicadabra does.   

What about future Audiocadabra aspiration?

We are researching/developing cables that use silver, copper and other noble metals in various hybrid designs to achieve a distinct Audiocadabra sound signature and make it available at various price points.
Audiocadabra Optimus Handcrafted Dual-Headed USB cable:
1.0 meter is $89
1.5 meter is $109
2.0 meter is $129
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