Audiolici AVP 01 phono preamplifier NEW

AVP 01 is a vacuum tube solid pre-amplifier, designed for optimal sound reproduction from vinyl records. Audolici AVP 01 uses an URSS standard valve, the well-regarded 6H2P-EB selected with individual strict criteria. Each tube has special fluid and crisp sound character, preserving quality, tradition and innovative engineering design. This equipment can deliver an outstanding sound stage, transmitting the micro dynamics of musical instruments, natural timbre of  acoustic vocals and accurate details analog recorded. At the rear of the Audolici AVP 01 are gold plated stereo pairs of RCA sockets for Line input, a pair of Phono inputs, a pair of Line out RCA sockets and headphone output.

The AVP 01 front panel is made of a heavy non-magnetic material and the steel chassis has a matt finish. There is an upper ventilation grill, through which can be seen a single tube glowing.  MC phono input has 72 dB of gain, with the MM input being 52dB. Input Impedance is switchable for 100, 200, 470, and 1000 Ohm. Line input sensitivity is 0.775V and nominal output voltage is 1.0V. Overall frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, dimensions are 435mm x 96mm x 360mm (WxHxD) and the unit weighs 6 kgs.

Available front face colors include Red, Steel, and Black.