AudioNatues – Jazz at the Pawnshop 1-Step

AudioNautes writes: “After the success of the 1-step box of Cantate Domino (including the full program in 33rpm and in 45rpm), produced in only 420 copies, now the time of Jazz at the Pawnshop has come!

This legendary recordings shines in very limited edition. The box set is 1-step and is including 4 LP in 45rpm, the full program, for the first time. As done for the double UHQCD and the Master Tape edition, the LP is including a short alternative take of High Life, never included before on LP. This version is in the master tapes, but it ends abruptly, because the original 7” tape finished while recording the track.

The box includes 4 LP in their own cover, a booklet and a 1-step certificate. Less than 1000 box will be avalaible starting at Munich Hi-End 2024. Mastered by AudioNautes Recordings and cut by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.”