Audionautes Recordings Ultimate High Quality CD

AN-1603 UHQ – La Spagna in UHQCD, Ultimate High Quality CD. It will be presented in Munich, High End show May 5-8 2016, at the CH Precision room A4.2 F221 (A4.1 E115). The demos will compare CD vs HQCD vs UHQCD vs Crystal Disc. The inventor of UHQCD came from Japan to explain the secrets of the process. The difference between CD and UHQCD is not a detail, it is something really huge. We did the tests and decided to skip the GOLD CD for La Spagna, choosing this format instead.
The title will be then available downstair (see references in that room).

“La Spagna in UHQCD is the very first title made in UHQCD by a label outside Asia! We hope all can compare and enjoy!”