Audionet Gauss Receives Patent

Audionet has received the patent for the Gauss cable isolation feet by the German Patent Office.  

A brief overlok

“With the knowledge that the signal interacts with the surrounding substances over the entire length of the cable via the electromagnetic field, our observation naturally leads to the realization that a cable lying on the ground is surrounded by different materials (air and ground material) with different permeability numbers is. 
The signal – and thus the sound – should improve immediately if the cable is surrounded by only one material, preferably with the highest possible magnetic permeability (the lower the so-called permeability number, the higher the magnetic permeability, iron, for example, has an enormous 800 -8000μr).
Air has a permeability number of 1,000,000.37 μr, followed by gases. Then comes aluminum with 1,000.02 μr and magnesium. a light metal. So the solution is As much air as possible at the paramagnetic feet. That’s why we constructed GAUSS out of Al and Mg, with minimal contact point with the cable.”