AudioSolutions Virtuoso!

AudioSolutions writes: “What makes Virtuoso crossover so special? Find out below about our new approach to crossovers. Virtuoso is equipped with a new type of speaker tuning device which encloses three different crossovers in one speaker to choose from.”

This system does not change SPL of speaker response and should not be mistaken with room/system tuning devices where levels of individual drivers are being changed. In Virtuoso we decided to take a step further and use natural drivers’ distortion pattern to manipulate listening experience.”

As it is known all speaker drivers have more or fewer distortions present across the spectrum which is the natural behaviour of the driver. However, each driver’s distortion pattern is different creating unique sounding units. This is why aluminium cone drivers have a metallic/harsh sound or ceramic cone drivers have analytic sound, or better yet this is what makes two different violins sound different, just in music it is called overtones rather than distortions. Different overtones create a unique sound character. By adding more drivers to the speaker we create a speaker system with its crossover points in each driver and at the same time in each driver’s distortion pattern. By manipulating with crossover frequency and steepness of slopes we can create different distortion patterns which will give to sound different character. It is a unique feature which allows us to have three different listening experiences without actually changing speaker characteristics.”