Auris Audio Headonia 300B

A decade has passed since the groundbreaking design of the first Auris Audio Headonia 2A3, and four years since its production concluded. Now, we’re proud to unveil the Headonia 300B—an amplifier that not only surpasses its predecessors but sets a new benchmark in reference amplification.

In a world where headphones demand more power than ever before, compromises were not an option. We meticulously engineered the Headonia 300B to deliver unparalleled flexibility, supporting headphones of various impedances and power requirements without sacrificing sound quality.

At the heart of the Headonia 300B lies a power supply designed to provide a staggering 1000 times less ripple than standard PSU units. Complemented by amorphous double C core output transformers, meticulously tuned input and output impedances ensure optimal performance.

Tube amplifiers lacking an impedance selector on the output transformer secondaries simply can’t match the performance of the Headonia 300B.Mismatched impedance significantly compromises the operating point of the tube, resulting in degraded sound quality. With the Headonia300B, this issue is entirely mitigated. Whether you’re using 32 or600 Ohm headphones, our amplifier ensures that the entire sound spectrum is faithfully reproduced from the music source.

In contrast, amplifiers lacking impedance matching often introduce distortion at high or low frequencies, negatively impacting the overall sound image.

Unlike tube amplifiers lacking impedance selectors, the Headonia 300B maintains perfect impedance matching, guaranteeing an authentic, distortion-free sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum.

The construction of the Headonia 300B reflects our commitment to excellence. Crafted from milled aluminum with a thickness of 8-10 mm, the chassis minimizes interference, while rubber-plastic-metal sandwich legs eliminate vibrations, ensuring pristine audio delivery.

Partnering with industry leaders, we’ve integrated components of the highest caliber. Japanese Alps potentiometers, renowned for precision, and German-made Mundorf capacitors, ensure uncompromising performance. Lundahl transformers on balanced inputs further enhance sound quality, delivering an immersive listening experience.

Equipped with a large OLED graphic display, the Headonia 300B offers intuitive control and customization options. From adjusting lighting intensity to monitoring tube lifespan, users can tailor their experience to perfection. By entering the Menu, you have options for setting and controlling the following parameters:

  1. Lighting, in order to adjust the intensity of lighting to your desired ambience
  2. Life timer that shows the total operation of the amplifier in hours and minutes
  3. Tube timer, where you can see the lifetime of the tubes as well as reset the timer when you replace the tubes
    4.Pre Out Option

The Pre Out function extends the versatility of the Headonia 300B, allowing seamless integration into various setups. With output transformers optimized for Pre Out, this amplifier competes with devices far beyond its price range, ensuring pride of place in any high-end audio system.

Our dedication to user convenience extends to the remote control. Crafted from CNC-milled aluminum, the ergonomic remote features a rechargeable battery with a USB-C port for hassle-free charging, ensuring uninterrupted control from the comfort of your chair.

In a market saturated with options, the Headonia 300B stands out as a true masterpiece, redefining what’s possible in amplification technology. Experience the pinnacle of audio engineering with Headonia 300B—an amplifier that transcends expectations.