At present times, the Auris Audio from Serbia should be no stranger to the well-informed high-enders and music lovers.
They’ve been around for quite a few years and managed to reveal quite an impressive portfolio of the products in relatively short time. Miki and his team are constantly striving to bring new and interesting products, that expands from headphone amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers to the speakers.

They’re also pushing the production of the products for the ever-expanding headphone market. As many high-end audio manufacturers, they understood that one need a broader selection of the products to operate at the desired level.


Apart from captivating sonic performance, one of the hardest things nowadays in high-end audio is achieving a recognizable-stand out design. It’s not exactly easy to create something, that sticks out of the crowd. On contrary, Auris Audio products are instantly recognizable with their distinctive and stylish blend of solid walnut wood and genuine leather. They’ve managed to find their own design language and leitmotif, that embraces both contemporary and classic design cues. Poison 8 speakers are very pleasant to the eye and can fit nicely in both traditional and modern surroundings.

Auris audio was founded in 2013. with the mission to fulfill desires of most sensitive audiophiles, both their visual senses with superior design and their ears with smooth and detailed sound. This was the dream of Auris audio creator and CEO Mr. Milomir Trosic. He carefully gathered the team of dedicated engineers, audio designers, and craftsmen. The perfection of craftsmanship, using selected premium components and clean and neat building of every single device, is the imperative of Auris team. Their joint commitment and skills made Mr. Trosic’s dream come true and placed Auris audio among the best brands in the high-end audio market. Combination of walnut wood, genuine leather, and exceptional design, makes Auris equipment desirable in any surroundings and interior for those who appreciate beauty and elegance. Auris continues to invest resources, knowledge, and love in enhancing and expanding the range of devices, with the goal to satisfy all needs of music enthusiasts. Based on experience in designing amplifiers and other electronic devices, Auris Audio’s philosophy is rooted in Superior design, natural materials, and skills of making, which give us the right to claim that our products are handcrafted with soul.

The new Auris Audio loudspeaker generation is celebrated by successors of, now well know, Poison series – Poison 8 & Poison 88. The Poison 8 speakers represent, so far, the most accomplished concept of Auris Audio, in the technological and musical sense.
Poison 8 is a four-way speakers design, handmade from natural materials that have become a trademark of Auris Audio brand.
Poison 8 uses Beyma 8” Bass driver, ribbon tweeter and a custom Italian mid driver, made to the Auris Audio specification by Fountek.
All the crossover parts come from the renown German manufacturer Mundorf. The crossover frequency is at 250Hz and 4500Hz. Auris team did their homework right with the careful selection of the parts/materials and most importantly with the voicing of the speakers.

On the backside of the Poison 8 there is a dedicated backloaded tweeter and 3D switch, that further expands the dispersion of the sound and retraction of the atmospheric-spatial distribution of the sound. Neat and highly practical…

The official recommended power handling ranges from 10W -100W. Poison 8s can be easily driven with lower watt tube or pure A class solid state power amplifiers, but as with any other speakers and setup, the proper driving is always dependable on the placement, room size, synergy, acoustic treatments etc. 
I’ve tried Poison 8 loudspeakers in a few different room placement and they work best with some space around them, a bit away from the walls. This allowed them to radiate and distribute the sound evenly and to fill the room with the wanted musical impact. 


There is no particular sonic stick-out character connected with the Auris Audio Poison 8 speakers. They have particular mid frequency band elliptical sort of potency. This translates into the ability to present the crucial, condensed music’s energy (at the right frequencies) with the proper impact, ensuring the well-phrased, full-toned and musically satisfying reproduction. 
The very formation of instruments happens in around the mids. One cannot say its specifically pin-pointed there, but the ability to transmit convincing mid-density certainly represents a ground-stone of the proper instruments and vocal recreation. 
Poison 8 speakers were not shy with the rendition of the acoustical instruments like guitar, violin etc. Especially with my Lamm M1.2 Reference monoblocks driving them, the Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadić Featuring Theodosii Spasov Treta Majka let the Poison 8 delivering both guitars vibrantly without losing the focus of Spasov’s Kaval. When Kaval flute joins the guitars, this becomes a turning point where the usual pace can be lost too quickly. Without any of instruments prevailing,  Poison 8 speakers exhibited the proper balance. They’ve conveyed the music with lockable pace and a believable energy rendition. 
This was further shown with Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadić – Live in Belgrade. With live acoustical music recording rules are a bit different when it comes to the reproduction. Poison 8 speakers managed to convey the sense of a live feeling and the guitar dynamics with authority. They were speedy and on track with the delivery of attacks and dynamic minute changes, without breaking the bond of musical interaction.
Kenny Burrell Soul Lament and Joe Pass’s Stella By Starlight are among my favorites tracks, that encapsulates pure aura of an immediacy. There is something very spiritual about a purism of the jazz guitar solitude. Especially when the rendition of the song is masterfully crafted by such legendary guitar giants. 
Auris Audio Poison 8 speakers were capable of delivering fluent mid flow despite their quite a thick front panel design. Notes overlays were formed vividly and the harmonics could easily expand. Voicing of the speakers also pointed towards the correct timbre and color signature of the instruments. This is crucial part and constitutional when it comes to the speakers’ design and it’s a must attribute for the objective reproduction of the music. 
The out of the box 2015’s Tord Gustavsen – What Was Said album on ECM might be a bit complex to the usual fan. On this record, Simin Tander singer joins the trio and it’s not exactly the easiest thing to enter and reveal the pathos-laden sonic kaleidoscope. For some reason, I’m always smitten by the Nordic melancholic and timeless vibrancy. Like with anything surrounded by the unaltered transmission of the music a system and each and every component needs to act like a true via medium to reflect the original composition aura. 
Poison 8 have speakers again stepped up with the recognizable mid-density, portraying Simin Tinder vocal firmly and sturdy. Piano notes layering were well expanded, letting the decays and delays float within the space without dying out too soon. 
Tord Gustavsen playing is all about lyricism, that is subtly hidden below sometimes apparent simplicity and Auris Audio Poison 8 speakers did their part of the convincingly and captivatingly. 
The big band always represent quite a challenge for any speakers. Moving away from trio/quartet so-called simplicity introduces new challenges. There is a greater density to deal with. 
Mia Žnidarič – Preblizu Predaleč with Big Band RTV Slovenija represent a charmingly selection of the original compositions. For me, Mia always excels singing in her native, Slovenian language. Somehow all the right attributes seem to morph appropriately. 
Auris Audio Poison 8 speakers followed the sonic challenge without kneeling down to a bit more complex challenge. Mia’s voice was presented with an encapsulating warmness and big band energy never felt slanted within a virtual three-dimensional stage. 
Poison 8’s ribbons tweeters allowed hi-hats, rides and the rest of the metallic percussions to breath easily and with the airy sense of realism. Not every ribbon tweeter implementation offers a superimposing ability, where instruments have their relief like structure and are easily distinguishable. When driven properly Poison 8 speakers could extend and project the big band sound evenly with a believable rendition of the instruments and their designated place within the sonic space. 
I wouldn’t call Poison 8 speakers a specific genre-oriented. The vast music material used during the evaluation has shown the deliberately balanced voicing, that was well regarded in a reconstruction of the different music’s atmospheres. Poison 8 have worked nicely with all sorts of music, let it be modern, classical or recorded in the studio.   


Auris Audio Poison 8 speakers are stylish, slick and captivating loudspeakers. In the era, where aesthetics are becoming a highly (much needed) important part of the whole high-end audio package presentation, Milomir Trosic, and his team expertly combined the high-quality natural materials and managed to create the speakers, that stand out with their distinctive design. The seamless blend of genuine leather and walnut wood projects a high-quality feeling, that in nonintrusive and comes with the objective potency in delivering the music. 
Despite their slick appearance, the side mounted bass woofers allows the mightier deliverance of the lower spectrum, that easily fills the room. The weight of the instruments is not on the anemic side like with few similarly specced and designed loudspeakers. Poison 8s are capable of sensible delivery of the music without loosing too much in the translation. 
Despite the Poison 8 speakers 91db sensitivity (like with most speakers) they need matched power amplifier to drive them to the right extent. One cannot escape the basic physical rules when it comes to the proper driving. If the speakers are not locked with the amplifiers, the sense of instruments’ and vocal weight is gone and the performance too easily enters into hi-fi realism rather than high-end. 
Poison 8 speakers can expand involving across the complete spectrum range. They were designed from the ground up to deliver the consonantly sonic impact and this shows on every track. 
As the high-end audio progress rapidly into the luxury realms, one of the biggest challenges is to create the loudspeakers, that can ignite the interest of a larger potential buyer base, escaping the traditional-established hi-fi and high-end audio rules. Yes, speakers, these days needs to have the looks and the means! 
It’s never easy to create a grand wall of sound without entering into the universe of the big speakers. Poison 8 side woofers help with expanding of the sound in ITALnormalITAL sized rooms and they can extend a few meters more into bigger surroundings, but as any other speakers, they can work from within their giving proportions and gestalt. You cannot expect the Goliath sonic impact, but a well-distributed energy in a matching environment.
There is a strong competition in this particular price segment, but Auris Audio Poison 8 speakers come with enough of their own attributes, that can captivate the minds of those in search for the stylish, modern and well-performing floor-standers. 
Poison 8 speakers can be ordered in either black or white genuine leather and walnut wood… 


7900€ with VAT 9400€.


System:    4 way with the 3D option
Finishing materials:    Genuine leather and walnut wood
Nominal impedance:    8 Ω
Sensitivity: (1 W / 1 m)    91 dB
Power handling:    10 W – 100 W
Speaker terminal:    WBT
Available leather color    Black or White
Dimensions (WxDxH): mm    153 x 390 x 1102
Weight (pair/kg):    60 kg
Crossover:    250 Hz / 3500 Hz
Auris Audio
Milomir Trosic
Mike Stojanovica 11
Telephone: 00 381 63 259 259