Auris Audio Turntables

Auris Audio writes: “Auris Audio Turntables: A Symphony of Sound for Every Audiophile In the world of high-fidelity audio, few things are as timeless and evocative as the warm, rich sound of vinyl records. While digital music may have taken the world by storm, vinyl records have never truly lost their charm.

Recognizing this enduring appeal, Auris Audio has embarked on a journey to bring the magic of vinyl to a wider audience. With a range of seven meticulously crafted turntable models, Auris Audio has set out to cater to everyone from the casual HiFi enthusiast to the most discerning audiophiles. These models, named RnR, Blues, Jazz, Classica, Bayadere 1, Bayadere 3, and Bayadere 5, offer a diverse selection of features and performance capabilities.

Auris Audio’s Range of Turntables

Auris Audio’s turntable range is as diverse as the music it plays. With prices ranging from 479 EUR to 9592EUR, the company has thoughtfully covered all potential customers, ensuring that no one is left out of the vinyl renaissance. Let’s delve into what makes each model unique:

Price: 479 EUR
Ideal for: Beginners and casual listeners

Price: 599 EUR
Ideal for: Audiophiles on a budget

Price: 1592 EUR
Ideal for: Music enthusiasts seeking versatility

Price: 2079 EUR
Ideal for: Dedicated audiophiles

Bayadere 1
Price: 2559 EUR

Bayadere 3
Price: 3999 EUR

Bayadere 5
Price: 9592 EUR
Ideal for: Audiophiles seeking the absolute best

W9 Tonearm Price: 559 EUR

W10 Tonearm Price: 639 EUR

Hawk Tonearm – from 9″ to 14″

Price: 3560 – 14960 EUR (depending on the length, material and finish)