Bamberg Audio Bamberg Six speakers

The Series 6 is a reference grade full-range 3-way loudspeaker with exceptionally transparent and spacious sound, explosive yet composed dynamics, and enhanced low level resolution. Best performance is achieved with high quality recordings and source equipment.
Intended uses are for audio and/or video systems in moderate to larger sized listening rooms and for loud maximum output requirements. This modular system is configured for active DSP tri-amplification, and therefore provides for full control over user equalization.
This speaker sets the highest standard for all Bamberg designs. It finds that delicate balance between ultimate transparency and refined and smooth reproduction. We encourage you to compare its performance to any and all alternatives.
1562 mm / 61.5″
392 mm / 15.4″
457 mm / 18.0″
54 kg / 120 lb
Recommended amplifier power
25-200 W
Impedance MTM/W
4/8 Ohm
Bandwidth, -3dB
18 Hz – 21 kHz
+/- 2.0 dB
Sensitivity, 2.8v, 1M, FS
90 dB